“This novel of young superheroes hits all the right notes, from the uncertainty and thrill of a first crush to the frustrating realization that the world may not welcome who you are and what you want your life to be. But, more than anything, it is a delightful roller coaster ride of action and adventure." 
-- Jake Kerr, Nebula-nominated author of the Tommy Black series

 "Matt Mikalatos's latest book is energetic and fun-filled with creative heroes and enough adventure to keep you reading late into the night and hints at future epic stories to come. So strap on your cape and hit the streets! Capeville is one story you don't want to miss!" 
-- John Otte, author of the Failstate series



Psycho mass murderers can wreck your summer so fast.

John Ajax planned to spend every sun-filled summer day playing Tread Battalion 2 with his friends. Then a super-powered goon tried to kidnap him, and his parents freaked out and sent him to "hide" in Capeville… a city populated entirely with superheroes and villains.

It might be okay if he could fly, or shoot laser beams out of his eyes, or crush a brick in his bare hands. Instead he has a drill-sergeant grandfather, a crush on his boss (Jupiter Girl, a flying, brick-crushing, psychic powerhouse. No laser eyes.) and a best friend with speedster powers and poor impulse control.

To make matters worse, the aforementioned psycho mass murderer is trying to kill every super-powered person in the city. If that happens John will lose his job, the respect of Jupiter Girl, and his best friend, too. So mass murder, that's where John plans to draw the line.

He may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but maybe, just maybe, John can still be a hero.


Matt Mikalatos believes the real Superman is either Christopher Reeve or the guy on Super Friends.

He loves superheroes, and worked at a comic book shop called Flying Colors for several years. He's the co-host of the Storymen Podcast and also blogs at Norville Rogers.

You can email him at


How do you think the Black Vulture and all the New Regulars would vote in the current Presidential elections?

Gary Smith

Hi Gary!

Great question. Well, Jupiter Girl is an alien so I don't think she can vote. The rest of the gang isn't old enough to vote. Well, technically, neither is Jupiter Girl. I do know this: they're all people who care about doing the right thing in the world, so I think they'd choose a candidate who they believe would make things better and think of other people.